Sunday, October 17, 2010

Back to Canada..

Wow! I just started and I'm already behind in posting. I guess it wouldn't be realistic to try to write everyday huh? I'll try as hard as I can though! So lets see, I last left you on Thursday, when I was buying gifts for my fahjjj. So basically my entire "break" was spent doing biatch work for my mom, which was fine with me, I didn't really have anything else to do anyway.

So Friday I woke up VERY late (1:30 in da p.m.) and I only woke up because my mom was calling my cell phone (what a surprise) and asked me to go grocery shopping for my fathers birthday DINNER. So I headed over to Wegmans with my sidekick Pheebs and picked up meatloaf (nasty... who would actually choose to eat that on their birthday dinner? My father apparently.) potatoes, peas, and of course Wegman's famous scrumpdiddlyumptious double chocolate cake. Little did I know, this cake was to be the highlight of some tiny asian woman's day.
So that morning while my mother and I were discussing what I was going to get at the grocery store she mentioned that she thought it would be HILARIOUS if we got somebody to write "happy birthday old man" on the cake that I was soon going to be purchasing. I, too, thought this would get a chuckle so as I picked up that yummy Wegmans cake I hopped right in line at the bakery so that I could make this  vision happen. As my turn in line approaches, I see out of the corner of my eye a VERY short asian woman come creeping up beside me. I turn and smile, and she asks what she can help me with. I tell her I'd like to have something written on the cake in my hand, and am careful to pronounce every word of the saying I would like written. She looks at me like I'm crazy and repeats, "You would like HAPPY BIRTHDAY OLD MAN WRITTEN ON THIS CAKE?" I'm quite disturbed, as shes practically yelling in my ear and is treating me like a complete wackjob. I just look at her and say yeah, can you write happy birthday old man on it please? she then AGAIN repeats, HAPPY BIRTHDAY OLD MAN? I finally say YES and for emphasis say, HAPPY BIRTHDAY OLD MAN. PLEASE. she giggles for about half a second and walks away muttering happy birthday old man to herself. Then she gives me about 2356875 color choices for the icing or whatever and I finally get out of there after about 20 minutes.

ANYWAYS, after that little hold up I couldn't help but stop in to Ann Taylor Loft and look at their cute dresses. Then I came home and blahblah birthday dinner was fun, didn't eat the meatloaf as mary decided to smother it in ketchup. Quite unappetizing. He liked the cake, all was merry yum yumm.

Saturday was the BIG day (Octoberfest) and my only highlight is that I sold all my old belts and headbands to little girls and their moms. I made 91 dollars.

TODAY I made the trek back up to school. Can I just say that the drive from Baltimore to Canton is probably the most boring drive you could ever possibly make. Its a straight shot from 83 to 81 to 11 and I could write a math problem more interesting than that drive. I did it in good time though, about 7 1/2 hours and I'm soo glad that it's over.

yahooo, more lata

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