Thursday, October 14, 2010

My First!

So I never really imagined myself as being the blogger type, but here I am on blogspot and I am so excited! I mainly have my mom and sister to thank... most of the time I have zero idea what is going on in their lives, seeing as I'm away at school, but they always seem to be up on each others bizzznass, and I always catch myself asking, "How do you even know that?!" with which they reply, "I read it on her blog." or something of that nature. SO here I am! I'm mainly doing this because I love to write.. especially about random stuff on my mind! 

So, let me do a little introducing of myself... 
as a beginner, i thought it would be helpful to inform everyone reading this that I am currently listening to "damn it feels good to be a gangster" by Geto Boys. I hope that gives you a little clue into what my personality is like. Though it probably gives a complete wrong impression. oh well.
ANYWAYZ, my name is Emily and I am a sophomore at St. Lawrence University in basically what is Canada, (Canton, NY). I am currently HOME (Baltimore, MD) for the weekend and have plenty of downtime, so what better to do with it then start my own blog? (you have the same thoughts exactly.., i know). I enjoy the color pink, especially when it is mixed with green, and work at a store that sells EVERYTHING preppy. I am the youngest of four, have a brother who lives in Boston, a sister Caroline who lives in Oneonta, NY and works at Hartwick College, and another sister Liz who lives in Maryland. YAYY good times. hmmm what else about me? Nothing special, I like to read and write, but find that I am  a better math and science student in school. I hope to major in Econ, but my bigger hope is to get my MBA through the program at SLU. I love puppies. I have three, (also note that I call all dogs, no matter what age, puppies) 2 yellow labs (Camper and Bisby) and a miniature schnauzer (Twinkie). I love fashion and shopping, so I'm guessing a lot of my posts will be about clothes/fashion/things in  general that I want/think are cute. 

SO now that you know a bit about me, I'm trying to think about a good first topic for my FIRST posting! I told my boyfriend, Eric, that I was starting a blog to which he replied, "what are you going to write about?" I told him I was going to center it around his mustache. He was very amused. HOWEVER, it will not be about his ginger facial hair unless i blog about how much I HATE it. .... I mean what? I love the boy for who he is. hehe.

I'll guess I'll talk about being home. It's always weird coming home from school. Not being in my house or in my own bed for two whole months doesn't seem like a big deal while im at school but then i come home and it feels so good to be here. Nothing really ever changes, but I always feel as though I've missed out on so much. I know it's all the same stuff, especially now that it's just my mom and dad living here.. alone in such a big house! It's sad. I get worried that they are lonely, but then I remember that they had to live in a house with four kids for so long and then I feel better. I know they are happy to see us all going! Maybe not happy to see us leave, but glad that we are moving on with our lives. 
So today was my first full day back home, yesterday I spent eight hours in my Volkswagen DYING to get through Pennsylvania. have you ever noticed how long it takes to travel ANYWHERE in that state? It's that dang I-81. Soo unpleasant to drive on. I swear I must have dozed off three+ times... I have a bit of an issue when it comes to drowsiness and long car rides. Not good! I stopped twice to get some caffeinated beverages (err..Diet Coke.. yum! but...side note.. starting tomorrow I am giving it up!) and those helped a bit. Finally i rolled on in to the homestead around 8, and immediately dropped my bags and had a very long reunited-and-it-feels-so-good moment with my pupps which involved me rolling around on the floor and using what I have been told is my very annoying voice that I use to talk to animals. Then I went upstairs to see my mom who was already in BED but of course lounging and watching HGTV or Bravo or something on TV. We chatted for a bit, but then I went downstairs, heated up Chinese food (none of that tomorrow starting tomorrow either! guess what I'm starting... I will NOT say the "D" word!) that was waiting for me and sat smack down next to my dad and watched some CNN and ESPN. After that I was so exhausted from my car ride that I went right upstairs to my perfect, comfy, could honestly be a teensy bigger, lovely bed! Slept a good 10 hours and woke up to my mom at 7 a.m. coming in and annoying me for the pure pleasure of seeing me get mad and barely know what is going on and babble answers to her questions. THIS reminds me of one of my sisters favorite stories to tell people about my family. the story of about two Easter's ago when my mother and uncle woke me by throwing me small chocolate candies at me while i was still in bed. anyways, Fell back asleep and woke up again to my mom calling me. Here is how the conversation went:
" oh hi!!"
"are you awake"
"i am now"
"ITS 10 AM"
"i know"
"well anyway, what are you doing today?"
"i don't know, sleeping, nothing?"
"would you like to go shopping for your presents for dads birthday?"
"i guess"
"ok lets make a list of what we should get him!!"

so thats what i did with my day. we decided on some jeans, socks, male acceptable healing non scented lotion, cards, and ordering a scrumptious cake (he obviously is easy to please on his 59th birthday). I got up, changed, ate a granola bar with SIMPLY ORANGE orange juice (gosh ive missed that stuff!) and wa son my way. Picked up Phoebe (my bestiest friend from home WHO is so beautiful and fit and inspires me to be healthy and i am jealz of) and made our way over to Hunt Valley. We went to greetings and readings where i picked out three birthday cards. they had a horrible selection but I did my best and made out with some pretty funny ones including lines about microwavable bacon, sniffing dog butts, and something about a piniata that i somehow thought was funny. from there we went to Ulta, WHICH BY THE WAY nobody north of the mason dixon line has ever heard of in there life? only the best make-up/beauty counter in the entire world! Cmon people. anyway, asked the VERY short.. i swear she was a midget sale associate (who was very nice and before i could even open my mouth to her comes up and goes YOU HAVE BEAUTIFUL EYELASHES to me... needless to say I liked her) anyways, she helped my find some good lotion who i had to repeat several times was NOT for me, had to be unscented and for a man. Then we went to Dicks Sporting Goods and bought him so shmancy socks (not really.. i believe they were reebok crew socks) and were on our merry way. Then we went to the store where I work, tried desperately to find some Levi's in size 44x34 (my dad is HUGE) and were sadly unsuccessful. But i got to unite with some of my favvv coworkers and see all the very ugly things that we have recently gotten in. THOUGH i did find out that we now carry Frye boots which i can get AT COST... very exciting.. definitely know what my first purchase will be with my working over christmas break check! So we were told to try the Big and Tall store down the road so off we went (btw it was a very yucky rainy day) and there we again, failed in our mission. Then we tried Kohl's, which i have to say I have not been in for about 3 years, and going in there reminded me why--- i find it to be kind of a dump. Nothing good, only carried up to size 40 waist. LAME KOHLS, lame. so then i just called my work and told them to put in a special order for me which they were quite happy to do so. Then we had sushi at san sushi and some weirdo couple gazed at us from across the awkwardly empty restaurant. good times. we had shrimp tempora, veggie rolls, and avocado rolls. Thennn we came back and watched zoolander and then I toook Pheebs home. 

WOW long post for my first and most of it is me rambling. sorry. although looking forward most will be similar. PEOPLE ARE WAITING TO READ MY BRILLIANT IDEAS so i regretfully must say bye. peace blog world.

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